Vegans Use Slave Cows to Make Fertilizer

Dairy cow slaves used to produce manure for vegan diets

Are so-called ‘ethical’ vegans really as ethical as they claim? This site will show you that vegans are actually incredible hypocrites. As we discuss on our About Page, veganism, as defined by the vegan society, is not necessarily the absence of animal products in the diet, but a supposed life philosophy that seeks to exclude the exploitation of animals as much as possible.

The claim that a diet free of animals fulfills this definition is crap fed to incurious New York City hipsters who have never been on a farm, and these people simply choose to remain ignorant of how their food gets onto their plate. So long as they aren’t eating animal flesh, they ignorantly claim the moral high ground they don’t have so they can feel special and superior.

How Crops are Fertilized

It’s obvious that vegans have never even been close to where their crops are grown or they would know that crops must be pollinated, harvested, protected from insect damage, and fertilized, all of which require animal death and exploitation on an enormous scale.

Childish Ignorance is Calling Food ‘Vegan’ When it’s Grown Using Dead Fish

This article will discuss how the so-called ‘vegan’ crops achieve their fertilization that allows ‘vegan’ hipsters in New York City, who have never stepped foot off of concrete or asphalt, to pretend they are not inflicting cruelty on animals.

Most of us who did not live sheltered lives sitting in front of a computer screen understand that plant crops are generally fertilized using animal manure. We also got unvarnished history classes discussing how the First Nations Americans used fish carcasses to grow their beans and corn.

Indeed, most farms not using chemical fertilizers still use fish based fertilizers, earthworm castings (either naturally or purchased), or the manure of cows living on feed lots or dairies as fertilizer for their plant crops, which require either animals used as ‘slave labor’ to harvest their desired waste products, or their dead bodies. 1 2 3

Manure Ponds Produced by Enslaved Cows
Are Used to Fertilize Food Crops for Vegans

The image you see above shows manure ponds that are created from the excrement of the dairy cows seen on the left. Now, if it’s one thing that vegans HATE, it’s conventional dairy farms like the one above. Not only are the cows not free to roam and eat grass, but they consider the animals ‘enslaved’ to create the delicious dairy products they so desperately try to mimic using plants. Yet, there are no stickers for their vegetables that say, “No animals were used in the fertilizing of this product”?

Blissful Ignorance or Cognitive Dissonance?

In addition to this, there is a new study showing that Fertilizer Factories Emit 100 Times More Methane than Estimated, far outstripping the EPA’s estimates for ‘cow farts’. But it turns out that turning the cow manure into fertilizer is the real culprit for methane emissions. Remember, these factories only exist to grow vegan foods, therefore, their claim of environmental superiority (which will be the topic of another article) is also complete bullshit (pun intended!).

How can ‘vegans’ claim moral superior forgoing fish or eschewing the milk or meat of cows or fish because it ‘exploits’, ‘murders’, or ‘enslaves’ the animals, while smugly eating the corn grown from the bodies or waste products of those same animals? Do they really think it’s morally superior to keep a cow in confinement to harvest it’s waste products than doing the same thing to harvest it’s milk? Or are they just really that clueless?

It would be laughable if these senseless children were not getting elected to government positions where they throw public tantrums and write bills designed to destroy the same farms that produce their fertilizer while having no back up plan to nourish the soil of the meat and dairy-mimicking slop they call ‘vegan food’.


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