Vegans Admit They Can’t Get Enough Protein

Vegans insufficient protein. Vegans admit they don't get enough protein

Vegans will ALWAYS claim that a vegan diet give you ‘plenty’ of protein, however, their actions belie their words because, by their own admission, vegan FOOD is insufficient to meet their protein needs.

Let me explain. If someone is going to claim that their DIET is sufficient in a particular nutrient, by taking that nutrient as a supplement, it’s a tacit admission that the diet actually doesn’t have that nutrient in sufficient amounts to meet your needs.

vegan bodybuilders Can't Get Enough Protein
Patric Baboumian Takes 15 Servings of Protein Powder Per Day

This is the situation we find a huge number of vegans advocating. They CLAIM that their diet has sufficient protein, yet they then take laboratory created concentrated protein supplements instead of actually getting their protein from their food, like the Beans They Claim are Superior to Beef! They are basically saying, “Do what I say, not as I do”.

It’s a tacit admission that a vegan diet has protein levels too low to meet the needs of the vast majority of it’s adherents, and as such, it’s an admission that the diet is evolutionarily inappropriate, otherwise why would they need to supplement protein? An evolutionarily appropriate diet would allow it to meet the needs of healthy, active people.

YouTube Gurus Use Concentrated Plant Protein

The vast number of ‘what I eat in a day’ videos are terrific fodder to find out the sheer number of vegans admitting they can’t reach their protein needs without a lab. I admit that I DID ‘cherry pick’ videos and skipped over the vast majority of vegans on the internet, 20 something year old emaciated females, and I headed for the videos with keywords of ‘athlete’, ‘high protein’, ‘health coach’, or ‘muscle’ in it, which I then DID NOT cherry-pick, but looked through and documented them all below.

nimai delgado requires protein powder for muscle growth

All of the vegans with what I eat in a day videos with any of those keywords, with only a single exception, are forced to use a laboratory to provide them with sufficient protein. With the advent of the Impossible and Beyond Burgers, which also use concentrated laboratory created proteins, as well as Heme Iron, more and more vegans are going to be happily foregoing their protein deficient food for lab created protein that can’t be found in nature.

  • Hench Herbivore: In his ‘What I eat in a day’ video, he’s proud to show us that his diet doesn’t meet his protein needs by showing us he’s forced to use lab created protein powder, and not food, to fuel his muscle growth.
  • ‘Strongman’ Patrik Baboumian: He takes a gigantic 15 servings of lab created plant protein a day to maintain his strength! Note that, in that same video linked above, it ALSO shows a normal strongman’s daily diet and it contains no such laboratory created junk food. He CAN maintain his strength using only food.
  • Dr. Venaas: In his ‘What a Vegan Doctor Eats in a Day’ video, his use of laboratory created protein is his tacit admission he knows humans can’t get enough protein on a vegan diet. He even uses the same BRAND of protein powder as Hench Herbivore! I hope he’s not advocating that his patients eat vegan when he can’t even meet his own protein needs.
  • Chelsey Jade: Is a supposed ‘Vegan Health Coach’, and yet has chosen to claim she can coach people to health on a diet she admits can’t meet her own protein needs. The protein powder she was using, a company called ‘In Care of’ admits that using protein powder is “Important when not eating enough meat” and also sells all sorts of other vegan supplements to overcome their inherently nutritionally incomplete diets. (see image below) I’m sure the irony is lost on vegans.
Vegan Protein Powder Admits You Only Need it When You Don't Get Enough Meat
  • Brian Turner: So called ‘Vegan Bodybuilder’ uses the EXACT same brand of protein powder as Hench and Dr Venaas as well! It is looking like anyone who has any muscle on a vegan diet admits they can’t actually keep or build that muscle without a laboratory!
  • John Venus: Promotes the Hench Herbivore approved protein powder as well. He has a bunch of videos promoting lab based protein over diet like in his Review of Vivo Life Protein here and his WHAT I EAT FOR FAT LOSS | TOO MUCH PROTEIN POWDER videos.
  • SoTrueQ: He switched things up a bit by using Protein BARS as his post-working snack in the car as his “First Port of Call” while he’s still breathless from working out, before his post workout lunch in his “High Protein Day of Eating” video. Hmm, why can’t he do a high protein day WITHOUT the help of a lab and why is he so desperate to get calories before he’s even home? Ironically, at some point he says that he doesn’t have a microwave because he, “I don’t need my food to change it’s molecular structure”…. except for the fake lab protein, and that tub of unknown substances on his counter he didn’t talk about in his video. More protein powder?
  • Jonathan Irizarry: Starts out the day with 22 grams of fake laboratory protein in a smoothie. Also uses nutritional yeast (where would we find that in nature again? Hmmm) and recommends the yeast “If you are lacking in B vitamins”. Why would a vegan diet need something to supplement B vitamins?
  • Simnett Nutrition: No surprise here, uses the same brand of concentrated lab protein as Hench, et al. since he knows he can’t get his protein from actual food.
  • EatMoveRest: Thinks he’s so healthy and fit because of his plant based diet… but doesn’t see the irony that he can’t do that diet without his lab manufactured protein
  • Nimai Delgado: proving that no vegan can put on any muscle without the help of a lab, he talks about trying to gain weight… as he pulls out his Hench, et al. approved protein powder.
  • Veggies for Thought: the only ‘Vegan Bodybuilder’ or vegan muscle video that didn’t use protein powder, but he used MASSIVE amounts of seeds and nuts blended up to get his protein. Obviously, we wouldn’t have been able to get the massive amount of nuts and seeds he’s using for protein year-round in nature. What would he have done without all those seeds and nuts? I fear what years of all those oxalates and other antinutrients are going to do to his body.
  • MuscleNMind: Gets his pea protein first thing in the morning. He admits he wouldn’t have eaten it in nature because he doesn’t like it’s strong taste and needs to mask it with sugar. He ALSO had a protein shake after his workout after breakfast! For lunch, he uses ‘Beyond Beef’, which is lab made pea protein as well. So, three servings of lab created protein by lunchtime.
  • Naturally Stefanie: Made pancakes with protein powder and had an afternoon snack of a ClifBar with soy protein isolate. Hardly a testament to the vegan diet having plenty of protein.
  • PlantFitt: also claims to be a body builder and, of course, starts his day out with lab based protein.

I’m sure that I could go on and on and on for pages and pages. But I do believe that I’ve made my point. Vegans say that a vegan diet provides all the protein they need to thrive, but they can’t get through a day without eating lab based concentrated protein never found in nature.

There has never been a society before agriculture that was vegan. There’s a very good reason for that. It’s only in the past few hundred years that agriculture and laboratories have allowed vegans to survive. Maybe they should eat beans for their protein instead. Oh, but they know beans don’t have much protein, which is why they make memes that deceive you, like I outline on the page Beef vs Beans, How Vegans Deceive.

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