White Bresse Chicken Fertile Hatching Eggs (Shipped within California Only)

White Bresse Chicken Fertile Hatching Eggs (Shipped within California Only)


Fertile Bresse Hatching Eggs $30 per dozen + $15 shipping per ORDER
The Eggs are From the White Bresse variety
Eggs are shipped via priority mail on Monday or Tuesdays only, and only within California.

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Bresse Chicken Fertile Hatching Eggs. We can ship WITHIN CALIFORNIA ONLY. No exceptions!! Really, no exceptions.

Price is $30 per dozen + $15 shipping per order.

Our Eggs

  • We keep only USDA Medium sized eggs or larger for best hatch rate
  • We ship only within California for the best hatch rate
  • We have three blood lines for maximum genetic diversity.
  • The two roosters are of different genetic stock from each other and from the hens for maximum diversity
  • Eggs are sent shipped as carefully as possible to prevent damage

Why You Want to Raise Bresse Chickens?

Bresse chickens, also called America Bresse,  Bresse Gauloise, or Poulet de Bresse, are a breed originally from France and are considered the best tasting meat chickens in the world. They come from the Bresse region of France and have only been in the US for a few years with only a few farms in the US having gone to France to bring back breeding stock. Greenfire farms being the first notable farm having brought back breeding stock in 2015 and 2017.

Individual chickens are sold for up to $100 in grocery stores and farmers markets in France. Many of the best restaurants in France serve only Bresse chickens for their most expensive chicken dishes.

They are true ‘dual purpose’ birds. Most chickens, you need to choose between a bird that’s good for meat (Cornish Cross or Red Ranger are the most common), or you need to choose laying hens. Raising your own birds comes with the inevitability of wasting resources on roosters that are not great for meat. With Bresse, you can hatch your own eggs and raise the roosters for meat, while either eating the hens as well, or keeping all or some of them for egg laying.

Bresse Egg Laying

Bresse hens are eggcellent egg layers, laying about 240 eggs a year and begin laying at about 4.5 months (18 weeks). These compare favorably to, and is even better than many of the good laying hen breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Americauna, Buff Orpington, Barred Rocks, Australorps, and others. But none of them compare to Bresse in the pot!

How This Works

  • You place your order
  • We send you a confirmation and let you know when your eggs will ship by USPS Priority Mail for 2-3 day service.
  • We don’t have a giant backlog of orders like some sites do. You should get your order within 1-3 weeks max.
  • We only send on a Monday or Tuesday via USPS Priority. You will get your eggs that workweek. They will not  sit in a warehouse over the weekend.
  • We do NOT clean our eggs as that would remove the delicate membrane that keeps the unrefrigirated eggs fresh.


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