Beef vs Beans: How Vegans Deceive

The infographic below, of a comparison between beef vs beans is a great example of how vegans are so desperate to deceive in order to get people to join their cult, they are willing to make completely ‘apples vs oranges’ comparisons that make no sense. In this case, instead of making the more fair comparison […]

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Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis: Ending the Confusion

Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis. What is the difference? What are ketones anyway and why is everyone talking about them? Isn’t it dangerous to be in ketosis? There is a lot of confusion out there, even among medical practitioners who should know better, and this article will clear up the confusion once and for all about whether […]

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Eating Plants is Harmful

Eating Plants is Harmful. This is an Undisputed Fact

Eating plants is harmful. While everyone says that plants are absolutely the healthiest thing to eat, the undisputed fact is that plants are actually harmful. There is not a scientist in the world who disagrees with this, and by the end of the article, you will understand why. Lets start with a story. A solitary […]

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why don't vegans protest exterminators

Why are Vegans Protesting Farms and Not Exterminators?

Vegans claim that they love animals, all animals everywhere. They think that all animals should have a voice and shouldn’t be hurt or injured by anyone and that’s the reason that they won’t eat animals. They are advocates for animals, right? That’s what they’d like you to think, but the truth is not so rainbows […]

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Vegan B12 Deficiency Proves We Are Not Herbivores

How Does Vegan B12 Deficiency prove humans are not herbivores? Vegans know very well that they get B12 deficiency due to not eating animal products, but none of them ever ask WHY, if humans are intended to be herbivores, that vegan humans get Vitamin B12 deficiency when they eat like an herbivore! And yes, vegans […]

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vegans always move the goalposts

Vegan Debate Tactics: Always Move the Goalposts

Anyone who has ever tried to have a rational debate with a vegan will certainly have noticed that whenever they are cornered, they always change the subject to another aspect of veganism and never continue the conversation along the same line of discussion. This is a debate technique known as ‘Moving the Goalposts’ and it’s […]

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vegan doctor admits humans need saturated fat

Vegan MD Admits We Need Saturated Fat

Dr. Michael Gregor, a longtime vegan diet advocate, just admitted that humans need saturated fat. And not only did he admit we need saturated fats, but that we need a diet that contains an approximately 50% saturated fat diet. So why is he making the argument that we need saturated fat in high amounts, yet […]

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Mushrooms are not vegan, they are carnivores

Stir-Fry Genocide: Mushrooms Are Not Vegan

No, vegans and vegetarians, Mushrooms Are Not Vegan, as per the definition of veganism from the Vegan Society, as we discuss on the page The Carnivore Diet is More Vegan than a Vegan Diet. We’ll show you how one meal of wild mushrooms kills more animals than an entire year of being on the carnivore […]

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