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Even More Okinawa Meat Eating Evidence

More Okinawa Diet Meat Eating Evidence

In the vegan world, the best evidence they have for veganism is, ironically, the non-vegan Okinawan Diet, giving it’s eaters their famously extreme longevity. But since the Okinawan diet is not vegan or vegetarian, vegans will trot out the old trope that they are ‘plant-based’ and so… somehow… the fact that they definitely included meat […]

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The Japanese eat a lot of meat japanese meat consumption

The Japanese Eat a Lot of Meat!

How much meat does the so called ‘plant-based’ Japanese Diet actually have in it per day? Since there is no objective (measurable) meaning of the term plant-based from any authoritative source, we’re going to pin down exactly how much meat the second longest-lived country in the world eats. 1 Why are we doing this? Well, […]

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Dairy is 32,000 X’s More Ethical Than Almond Milk

What is the Ethics of Dairy vs Almond Milk? I’ll lay out the facts and you can decide for yourself (if you are rational). We’ve already discussed how Mushrooms are Not Vegan, but the death toll from almonds outstrips that of mushrooms by an order of magnitude in the forced labor and ultimate death of […]

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Vegans insufficient protein. Vegans admit they don't get enough protein

Vegans Admit They Can’t Get Enough Protein

Vegans will ALWAYS claim that a vegan diet give you ‘plenty’ of protein, however, their actions belie their words because, by their own admission, vegan FOOD is insufficient to meet their protein needs. Let me explain. If someone is going to claim that their DIET is sufficient in a particular nutrient, by taking that nutrient […]

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Leghemoglobin: the Vegan Bloody Burger Conundrum

Leghemoglobin: The Vegan Bloody Burger Conundrum

The Impossible Burger has a big problem that vegans will need to be doing some explaining about. Their problem? An ingredient called Leghemoglobin, also called heme or heme iron. What’s the problem about heme? Well, it depends upon who you talk to (and whether you talked to them before or after Impossible burgers were created). […]

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Beef vs Beans: How Vegans Deceive

The infographic below, of a comparison between beef vs beans is a great example of how vegans are so desperate to deceive in order to get people to join their cult, they are willing to make completely ‘apples vs oranges’ comparisons that make no sense. In this case, instead of making the more fair comparison […]

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why don't vegans protest exterminators

Why are Vegans Protesting Farms and Not Exterminators?

Vegans claim that they love animals, all animals everywhere. They think that all animals should have a voice and shouldn’t be hurt or injured by anyone and that’s the reason that they won’t eat animals. They are advocates for animals, right? That’s what they’d like you to think, but the truth is not so rainbows […]

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vegan doctor admits humans need saturated fat

Vegan MD Admits We Need Saturated Fat

Dr. Michael Gregor, a longtime vegan diet advocate, just admitted that humans need saturated fat. And not only did he admit we need saturated fats, but that we need a diet that contains an approximately 50% saturated fat diet. So why is he making the argument that we need saturated fat in high amounts, yet […]

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