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why don't vegans protest exterminators

Why are Vegans Protesting Farms and Not Exterminators?

Vegans claim that they love animals, all animals everywhere. They think that all animals should have a voice and shouldn’t be hurt or injured by anyone and that’s the reason that they won’t eat animals. They are advocates for animals, right? That’s what they’d like you to think, but the truth is not so rainbows […]

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Dairy cow slaves used to produce manure for vegan diets

Vegans Use Slave Cows to Make Fertilizer

Are so-called ‘ethical’ vegans really as ethical as they claim? This site will show you that vegans are actually incredible hypocrites. As we discuss on our About Page, veganism, as defined by the vegan society, is not necessarily the absence of animal products in the diet, but a supposed life philosophy that seeks to exclude […]

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