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Even More Okinawa Meat Eating Evidence

More Okinawa Diet Meat Eating Evidence

In the vegan world, the best evidence they have for veganism is, ironically, the non-vegan Okinawan Diet, giving it’s eaters their famously extreme longevity. But since the Okinawan diet is not vegan or vegetarian, vegans will trot out the old trope that they are ‘plant-based’ and so… somehow… the fact that they definitely included meat […]

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The Japanese eat a lot of meat japanese meat consumption

The Japanese Eat a Lot of Meat!

How much meat does the so called ‘plant-based’ Japanese Diet actually have in it per day? Since there is no objective (measurable) meaning of the term plant-based from any authoritative source, we’re going to pin down exactly how much meat the second longest-lived country in the world eats. 1 Why are we doing this? Well, […]

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is the carnivore diet expensive

Is the Carnivore Diet Expensive? (You Need This!)

Is the Carnivore Diet Expensive? Everyone seems to think that eating only meat costs a lot of money, but we’ll show you that even on a very tight budget, you can do this diet. How cheap can it get? Well, I’m in the US , and I’ll do the numbers for what’s locally available to […]

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Maximizing Vitamin K2 in Food Choices

You can jump to the K2 in Foods chart  (below) of Vitamin K2 containing foods below if you wish. But I’ll provide a little background on K2 above the chart here if you’d like more information about K2 and the details of the Maximizing K2 in Food chart.  Vitamin K2 is present in two different […]

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Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis: Ending the Confusion

Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis. What is the difference? What are ketones anyway and why is everyone talking about them? Isn’t it dangerous to be in ketosis? There is a lot of confusion out there, even among medical practitioners who should know better, and this article will clear up the confusion once and for all about whether […]

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Eating Plants is Harmful

Eating Plants is Harmful. This is an Undisputed Fact

Eating plants is harmful. While everyone says that plants are absolutely the healthiest thing to eat, the undisputed fact is that plants are actually harmful. There is not a scientist in the world who disagrees with this, and by the end of the article, you will understand why. Lets start with a story. A solitary […]

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