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vegans always move the goalposts

Vegan Debate Tactics: Always Move the Goalposts

Anyone who has ever tried to have a rational debate with a vegan will certainly have noticed that whenever they are cornered, they always change the subject to another aspect of veganism and never continue the conversation along the same line of discussion. This is a debate technique known as ‘Moving the Goalposts’ and it’s […]

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vegan doctor admits humans need saturated fat

Vegan MD Admits We Need Saturated Fat

Dr. Michael Gregor, a longtime vegan diet advocate, just admitted that humans need saturated fat. And not only did he admit we need saturated fats, but that we need a diet that contains an approximately 50% saturated fat diet. So why is he making the argument that we need saturated fat in high amounts, yet […]

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bad vegan logic indirect killing vs direct killing

Bad Vegan Logic: Accidental Deaths vs Intentional Deaths

In this episode of Poor Vegan Logic we’ll explore the silly vegan idea that veganism supposedly only kills animals accidentally, and that being indirectly responsible for animal deaths is morally superior to being directly responsible. Lurking where vegans have conversations is always a fun and interesting way to see how they react to the fact […]

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